A Garment A Week

A Garment A Week – Week 15 – 15/04/16

A garment a week - week 15 - black dress with sheer bodice and pockets - stitchremedy.com

The inspiration is coming back lol

I’ve spent some time on pinterest this week and I think it’s helped!
I don’t have any black dresses and I was thinking something for the change of season that’ll be ok for autumn. Something I can wear with stockings or without.
This one is my design and pattern. The skirt is a poly/cotton with a little stretch, it has a little bit of thickness to it as well but not too much. The bodice is a chiffon style fabric with satin like stripes.

a garment a week - week 15- black dress

The waistband is lined and fused. I tried to get the sides to curve down to a point but I ended up having to take most of it in when fitting it. But I still like the subtle down curve. The skirt had to have pockets too 🙂  I think I’d make them a bit deeper next time. The front pleats for interest and for comfort. There is a split up the back at the bottom of the skirt for movement.
I like the longer silhouette too.

a garment a week - week 15 - black dress

The bodice has side bust darts but little gathers where it joins the skirt. I bound the neckline and stitched it under so it can’t be seen. The sleeves have a little bit of mobilon, which is clear, to make the gathers and a little extra tuck of the underside to help with the shape.
There’s an invisible zip in the centre back and a little button at the top of the back.

a garment a week - week 15 - black dress details

a garment a week - week 15 - black dress sleeve details

This dress is really comfortable, although I think I’d add a little more width wise across the bodice just for a bit more of a relaxed fit.
I think I can get away with dressing it up or down.
I also stopped fighting with my over-locker (serger) this week! I gave in and cleaned it properly lol – now she works much better 🙂

a garment a week - week 15 - black dress