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New Rule! – Day Off Work = Post On Blog

Junior Prom Dress - stitchremedycom

I have been so stupidly busy lately.  With kids doing more extra curricular activities, work got busier and I’m somehow on three different fundraising committees!

I’ve also been organising the sale of my Mum’s property in another town and I got the flu this winter.

So I think I need to be harder on myself and give myself a target.  From now, if I have a day off work – I will write a new post for the blog.  I have so much stuff I’ve done over the last year and not even shown photos!

Fingers crossed that I will stick to it!


This post needs some pictures so here is Lily in her Junior Prom dress the other week.

Junior Prom Dress - stitchremedycom

The Prom was the first the school had held for the junior part of the college.  The themed it on Grease the movie, so 50’s style dresses and boys in leather jackets.  The school requested semi formal dress and suggested no one went off to spend lots on outfits.  I think they just wanted the kids to have fun without putting pressure on parents wallets!
Lily requested polka dots and a slight puffy skirt.  The only fabric we could find in the two weeks notice we had, was a stretch knit.  We cut six panels for the skirt and I drafted a basic bodice pattern.
We then fit it on her and did a few alterations before adding the sleeves.
The underskirt has 3 main layers of tulle with two lower layers of each main layer, to create the bell shape and give the skirt a bit of body.
We also made a quick little cardigan as August is still ready cold here in NZ.


Junior Prom Dress and Cardigan - stitchremedycom


The shoes were found online and a mission to order!  The only ones she liked and they had none left locally.  She doesn’t like wearing even little heels.  Her hair was curled a little at the ends and a piece of the polka dot fabric tied in her half up hair.  Her hair is very thick and very straight and unfortunately the curls fell out before the end of the night.  Lip gloss and mascara was all the makeup she wanted.
They all had a fun night, the prefects did a great job of running the night, hotdogs and ice cream spiders 🙂