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A Garment a Week – Week 11 – 18/03/16

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Wednesday this week was Lily’s 10th birthday!

Combine that with too much time on my hands while looking for part time work and with the evil that is Pinterest! (I always get sidetracked while looking for clothing inspiration lol), I managed to make a few different things for her birthday.
She had asked me to make her one of the denim jackets so Lily had the choice of colours – denim, ribbing and lining 🙂 This was pretty straight forward now after already making a few. I did shorten the sleeves and increased the cuff. We also took a few centimetres out at the centre back but I left the length the same as my jackets as the longer will be better for Lily over the winter.

Lily's Jacket details

I wanted to make her an overnight bag as she’s been going on a few camps lately and keeps having to borrow one of mine. The Bird/Windmill print was an unlined curtain, which came from Mum’s stash of fabric, I think it may have been curtains for the baby’s room in the 80’s 🙂
I’m hoping the zips hold up as they’re just dress ones, I may have to change them out for stronger ones eventually. I did break at least 4 needles trying to stitch through the straps lol.  
It was made from my own design, just working out the shapes mathematically.

Lily's duffle bag

The hat/scarf was seen at a glimpse on pinterest then brainstormed to figure out how to make it. It’s made from light velvet fabrics and the ears are helped by fusing. There’s also elastic at the base of the neck to help with shape & warmth.  It’s fully lined with the black velvet which was stretch fabric so was a little trickier to sew into the non-stretch white.  The ears are a semi circle shape and are folded in half then the edges folded back before sewing into the seam on the hood.  This gives them a little more stiffness and structure so they stand up better 🙂

Lily's panda hat

The mermaid tail was a mission! I really wanted to make her one but I didn’t have the option to go fabric shopping before her birthday so it’s made from what I had. I knew I’d kept the lime green velour for a reason! It’s quilted to a layer of an old wool blanket with a slight fish scale design, then the lining is from a cotton sheet. There’s elastic around the top of the fins and at the top of the main opening. And you can put your feet right down into the fins. Which Lily has been doing and walking with a wiggle around the house! 😀  I may have to reinforce the under side of the fins.

Lily's Mermaid Tail - stitch remedy

Missy was very happy with all of these. She’s worn the jacket to school yesterday and today and has been sitting in her tail at night 🙂

22/04/2016 – Lily wore her Tail and hat at our schools outdoor movie night.  I had to soak the tail the day after as she’d been walking around the field in it!  It washed up well, I managed to get the muddy bits off the fins.  She was happy it kept her warm 🙂

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