Anxiety, Why Remedy

Why Remedy?

Sewing bits and pieces

So why did I name my blog Stitch Remedy?


It took me a long time to name my blog, I have been attempting to create a blog for years and it never made it past an attempt.

I am a Mother of three gorgeous children, my eldest is almost 13 (wow that makes me feel old! lol), my daughter is 10 and my youngest son is 7.  I have always been a big supporter for them all.  I have helped on committees, fundraisers and coached sports teams from Playcentre to Primary School to College.

I was a farmers wife for many years and the lifestyle that comes with that is very full of things that take up your time.  Plus all the washing, cleaning and cooking that three children bring.  I have also been a solo mum, which is far more than a full time job by itself.  I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for all single parents.

I have worked part time for the last four years as the kids have grown.  I enjoy getting out of the house a few days a week and being able to support myself or contribute to the household.

But why do I need a remedy?


I experience varying levels of anxiety on a daily basis.


I thought it was since my Mum passed away in 2005 but I have been doing a lot of soul searching and healing recently and I’ve realised that I had anxiety problems when I was a child also.  While I was pregnant with my daughter I had multiple panic attacks daily.  I ended up in hospital a few times and had to be medicated a few times.  I had anti-anxiety medication daily for many years, which I really needed at the time to care for my children but I now have a lot of missing memories as the medication took away my high and low emotions so I can’t remember much from that time.

It took a lot of strength to come off the medication and to find other ways of dealing with the anxiety and I draw on the knowledge that I have that strength quite often.

I know a lot of my triggers now and I understand my body a lot better.  I can calm myself and prevent most full blown panic attacks.  But the physical toll of even experiencing mild panic attacks or waves of anxiety can be debilitating.  Some days I have no motivation, no energy and no drive.  I feel weak and helpless which doesn’t help me to recover any faster!  I am learning which symptoms come from the anxiety which is making it easier to let them go and not dwell on aches and pains.


I have also discovered that the more time I spend sewing, designing and crafting – the happier I am and the less anxiety issues I have.

So stitching really is my remedy.  I find it calming to design and construct.  I love the accomplishment of finishing a garment or creating something from scratch.

I’m finally in a good head space where I can share what I’ve been sewing, my knowledge and experience to help others with their sewing and to share with my anxiety experience.  It’s something not spoken about enough and I know people who suffer don’t usually tell others.  I want to let those people know – they aren’t alone – they aren’t going crazy – there are ways to help and feel better.

Please join me here or you can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  I have a twitter account but I’m still figuring it out! lol

I hope to bring you some awesome sewing ideas and projects, some tips and tricks, hopefully some unique and fashionable patterns and I will be sharing my anxiety and panic attack coping methods, the things I’ve found that help reduce my anxiety levels and those that support recovery.


Things do get better,

Sign off from Ruth xx