Caravan Sheets

Do you find it frustrating to make the beds in your Caravan, Boat, Camper Van or Horse Truck?

Are the sheets too big?  The wrong shape? Do they come untucked as soon as you get into bed?

Introducing fitted Caravan Sheets!

Caravan fitted sheets - stitchremedycom


My Uncle and Aunt brought a caravan to travel around New Zealand, they were frustrated by regular sized single sheets as they didn’t fit the smaller mattresses in their caravan.  With the space in a caravan to move around and make a bed limited – traditional fitted and flat sheet sets are impractical.

We came up with a design for custom made fitted sheets, to help make sleeping more comfortable and making the beds a lot easier.

Made specifically to the measurements of the mattresses in their caravan, the sheets are joined at the bottom edge, with the top sheet being fitted on the bottom edge too.  The top sheet is then attached to the bottom along the side of the bed next to the caravan wall, so it can’t come untucked.  The top edge left loose to be able to turn it down.
The open side of the bed has the top sheet partially attached.  There is then elastic holding the sheets onto the mattress.  Making it easy to make the bed and with the beds being of a smaller size, it helps keep the sheets tucked in while you sleep, especially if you toss & turn a lot!

If you are in New Zealand and would like me to custom make you some sheets for your caravan, boat or camper – please get in touch!   Through the contact page on my website, email me – or through my Facebook page.
I can source the fabric myself  – 250 thread count in a few different colours – or you can provide new sheets for me to cut down if you have a specific brand you prefer.
The cost will be different for each job as it seems most mattresses in caravans are different sizes!