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A Garment A Week – Week 43 – 28/10/16

A Garment A Week - Week 43 - Costumes for halloween party - lara croft - tinkerbell - minion - dragon hoodie - ezio auditore - assassins creed - stitchremedy.com

I was crafting and sewing right down to the wire!  The morning of the costume party I was still finishing the Assassins accessories.  So my garment for this week is all the pieces I’ve made for the costumes.
I will be posting individual posts for each costume as I have pics taken at various stages of making them.  I found lots of inspiration from looking at other peoples construction images and instructions for their costumes and cosplays, hopefully mine will help inspire someone!


Halloween 2016 Costumes - Cosplay - Costume party - Stuart the Minion - stitchremedy.com


Stuart the Minion

His body is made from the foam I found in the trampoline mats that were stored in the shed.  The foam was hot glued together and painted yellow.  The hair is wool and the strap on the goggles is faux leather.  The jeans underneath were from a second hand shop and hemmed up.  The overalls are also made from a pair of second hand jeans and hot glued onto the foam.  Black shoes and black gloves with a yellow t-shirt complete the costume.  He had mini fake bananas in his pocket and carried around his ‘super mega awesome ukulele’ most of the night.  The costume survived well for being worn by a seven year old, just a bit of hot glue mending needed around the arm holes.


Halloween 2016 Costumes - Cosplay - Costume party - stitchremedy.com - tinkerbell - fairy

Tinkerbell the Fairy

Tinkerbell has a cute little dress with elastic and boning in the lining.  The wings are held up by a central flat piece wired between each wing and slid down the back of her dress which has rows of elastic in that hold it to the body tight.  The wings are made from more trampoline foam and wire is hot glued around the edges with layers of cellophane on the outsides.  She has pale green tights and we also made her Tinkerbell’s winter coat from a polar fleece blanket.  She has shoes painted with green nail polish and a little fairy dust bag around her neck.


Halloween 2016 Costumes - Cosplay - Costume party - stitchremedy.com - dragon hoodie with wings

Dragon Hoodie with Wings

The grumpy 13 year old was actually happy to wear this 🙂 although he wouldn’t let me make him a tail!  The hoodie has strips of velcro under the flap on the centre back and the wings have the other side of the velcro.  They’re made from the same sweatshirt fabric and have strips of ice-cream container lid and big popsicle sticks to strengthen and give it shape.  Then the bigger parts are stuffed with cushion filling.


Halloween 2016 Costumes - Cosplay - Costume party - stitchremedy.com - Lara Croft - Tomb Raider
Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

I’ve not played the games or even seen the movie! but it was suggested that seeing as Jonny was going as a gaming character that I should too.  The pants were a pair of men’s cargo pants in a pale sandy colour.  I altered them to fit me and dyed them dark brown.  Then I painted the pants with acrylic paints in brown, dark red and black.  The paint looks like mud and dirt and even gives the dirty texture once dried.  The leg bandage and ties around the legs are dirtied with chalk and hotglued in place.  The singlets are dip dyed in tea, then rubbed with black and brown chalk to look dirty.  The gun holster ended up a bit wide and the belt stretched a bit it needed another couple holes.  It is made from faux leather and the buckle cut from and old belt.  Muddy marks on my skin is just eyeshadow.


Halloween 2016 Costumes - Cosplay - Costume party - stitchremedy.com - Ezio Auditore - Assassins Creed

Ezio Auditore, Assassins Creed

The 100 hour project! lol it did take forever to complete and I think we skimped on some of the pieces.  He has a white shirt with lace edging and bellowed sleeves with shirring elastic cuffs.  Then a short sleeved vest with the swallow tails at the bottom which have hand embroidered borders.  Then a padded over jacket / jerkin (? I think thats the right word)  which has strips of velvet sewn under and top edges frayed.  The velvet lined hood is attached to the coat under the hand embroidered velvet collar.  It also has buttons and button loops down the front.  He has a leather pauldron on his left shoulder which is attached to the cape.  The brown pants I used as a garment for my challenge a few weeks back.  The red belt is red fabric glued onto the base shape of the belt.  Then the brown belt straps made from suede feel fabric are glued on top along with the belt buckle which is made from faux leather and ice cream container lids.  The red belt is laced together at the back and then a pouch domes over to hide it.  His arm gauntlet needed more work  and will be redone if we ever enter the costume in a contest.  And his leg protection, boot things are made from cut leather suitcase covered with the suede feel fabric and tied on.  These too would need to be redone.


An awesome costume party, we had so much fun 🙂  But I’m glad the costuming is all done for a while!