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A Garment A Week – Week 13 – 01/04/16

Den's Jeans - Week 13 - A Garment A Week - stitchremedy.com

It’s been a rough week for the anxiety unfortunately, ooh I wonder if it’s the week number? lol. I managed to lose a few days creativity to just surviving. Am ok at the moment, struggling with things out of my control. 

I’m super glad I have my gorgeous family and my sewing to keep me moving. I find it really calming and therapeutic, except when my overlocker decides to skip stitches! grrr
Anyway – Mr Den has been asking me to make something for him since Lily’s birthday. So I’ve Up-cycled again 🙂
A pair of Men’s jeans cut down to around a kids size 6-8.

The pattern is from a brought one, although as I never seem to make one exactly as they’re printed lol, I took out quite a bit of fullness in the width of the legs,  
A – to fit the pattern on the legs of the original jeans and B – because they were ridiculously wide!
The pattern also had pockets stitched on top at the front, but I ran out of fabric so they became regular jean pockets. For the same reason there’s only one back pocket instead of two.

Den's Jeans Back View

You can still see the stitch marks from the pockets on the original men’s jeans.  They will disappear slowly with washing, they didn’t want to steam out when I pressed them.

The fly and zip are mock. I find Den doesn’t use them anyway, preferring to just pull things on, so I did add a bit of extra elastic and a bit extra in the waist at the back so he could just pull them on easily.

Kids jeans details

I do really like the contrast of the fabric dye where the original pockets were on the Men’s jean, gives them a bit of character.
One very happy man 🙂 He had to wear them to school today, luckily it’s a cool weather day!

week 13 - a garment a week - kids jeans