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A Garment A Week – Week 12 – 25/03/16

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Happy Easter ? 🙂

I was asked last week if I had any experience with Men’s pants, aside from hemming and replacing the zips, I had no experience at all!
I found a 1985 pattern (thanks Mum) and made a mock of the exact pattern. My thinking was I don’t want to change anything until I’ve made a few pairs but … The legs were super wide and the crotch was really low, they looked terrible. So I took out a lot of the bulk from the centre of the legs and horizontally across the seat to take up the crotch.
I almost got it right lol.
The mock sat good but I should have done more fittings with the actual fabric, which is a nice suiting weight cotton.
I think I have either the grain or the angle of cut slightly off as the legs aren’t really sitting as straight as I’d like, they’re pulling up to the centre.
The welt pockets were ok, as I’ve been practicing them anyway but I followed the pattern instructions as it was a different way to sew them. I didn’t quite get the size right around the flaps but it’s pretty close. The front side pockets have facings and the pocket bags are made from a light cotton. I wish I’d had some in gray but the creamy, minky colour looks ok.  

inside of mens pants

Ooh and this is Kylo the Cat – he seems to find his way into a few of my photos lol.

The centre back seam is bound along with the edge of the waistband.
There’s no button at the top of the fly yet 🙂 I don’t have any way of sewing a buttonhole by machine at home. I may have to research the couture hand-stitched buttonholes.
Overall I’m reasonably happy with my first attempt at Men’s pants, I definitely need more practice, especially with the cut.
Jonny said they are comfortable so they might get some wear 🙂

week 12 - a garment a week - mens pants