A Garment A Week

A Garment A Week – Week 49 – 09/12/16


Even though it’s not quite right this is fast becoming a favourite top!
I found some really neat Japanese sewing magazines online and this is similar to one of the styles they had in the issue!  Worn with a black singlet underneath.

Their version was made from knit fabric with ribbed bands but I thought it could look nice in sheer

The arm holes are in the same seam as the shoulders, in a line, then the fabric angles back down to the waist.
The neckline is french bound and all the seams are french too. I didn’t have enough grey cotton to overlock. I’d like to try another top and overlock the seams, see if that takes out some weight.
I love the shape and it’s my first venture to neon colours, not too much.
The neckline is a little wide too, it tends to fall off my shoulders a little and the back may be a bit heavier as it tends to slip backwards a bit too, maybe as I cut the back longer. It may just be the type of fabric being slippery.
A good wearable sample   I’ll definitely be working on this pattern to get it right.

a-garment-a-week-week-48-49-circular-poncho-sheer-top-and-striped-sheer-over-tshirt-stitchremedy.com a-garment-a-week-week-48-49-circular-poncho-sheer-top-and-striped-sheer-over-tshirt-stitchremedy.com