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A Garment A Week – Week 46 – 18/11/16

a-garment-a-week-week-46-t-shirt-for-lily-and-cabbage-patch-doll-clothes - stitchremedy.com

I kinda got carried away this week lol
I had two tops cut out for Lily from the Tee pattern I drafted just sized adjusted. Using up some smaller pieces of knit fabric.
One needs the neckband re-done, it’s not sitting right, but this one came out well, the lower band is just a plain black knit as I ran out of the print. All seams overlocked only for stretch except the neckline which is bound.

a-garment-a-week-week-46-t-shirt-for-lily-and-cabbage-patch-doll-clothes - stitchremedy.com
On Wednesday my friend Megan and I decided to try use up scrap fabrics and make up some Cabbage Patch Doll clothes. I dug out Mum’s old patterns and drafted a pattern for the leggings and bloomers (which I tested against the official paper pattern). Then had a bit of fun cutting out heaps of bits!
I’ve then spent a couple hours each day this weekend sitting at the machines, they’re fiddly but quick to put together. All dresses and tops have velcro at the back for easy use and the pants all have elastic except the leggings which have a band of the fabric like yoga pants.

The smallest doll has a dress with lace, shirring elastic edged sleeves and a peter pan collar. Matching bloomers and booties.
The pink tulle layered dress has invisible binding neck and armholes with heart print bloomers (original pattern, a bit big really). If I make this dress again I’ll line the bodice and bag it out so it sits a lot nicer. No bulky binding.
Brown haired doll is wearing some of the leggings and an attempt at a singlet top. It needs to be taken in at the sides or re cut smaller. It didn’t quite work using a dress bodice pattern, it really needs it’s own pattern drafted.
Smaller blond doll is wearing an official premie Cabbage Patch Doll pattern onesie with elastic around the feet, collar and front opening. We thought it would fit this doll but it’s a bit big. There must be another sized doll between the kids and this one!
Blonde doll also modelling a dress with pockets, dolman sleeve and shirring elastic waist with cupcake print bloomers (my pattern, which seem a better fit, Lily deemed these ones the winners 🙂 )
Purple dress is a shirt dress without it’s buttons on yet. It’ll also have buttons on the sleeves where the tabs are hanging out, they’ll be stitched up and over. It perhaps needs a belt?
Then the pink tracksuit, cut from an official pattern. I think some of these I’d make a little smaller if I make them again, they seem a bit on the large side but maybe that’s just the fashion thats changed in the last 20-30 years?

The smallest doll has a dress with lace, shirring elastic edged sleeves and a peter pan collar. Matching bloomers and booties.

Anyway I have a lot of scrap bits of fabric too big to throw out and too small to make people clothes and have enjoyed making up these cute little clothes. Is anyone after dolls clothes for Christmas? Send me an email!