What to wear to the Rugby? – Chiefs Supporters T-Shirt

Tickets to the Rugby – What do I wear?

I was lucky enough to be given some tickets to the opening home game for the Chiefs vs Blues.  (I helped stitch the logos on the Chiefs shorts at work 🙂 )
Now not being a big enough fan to own a Chiefs jersey but still wanting to look like a supporter, with an afternoon off work I raided my fabric stash!


Hacked t-shirt pattern - Chiefs supporters top -


Unfortunately the only red knit fabric I could find was a light rib rather than a t-shirt knit but it’s not an everyday top so hopefully won’t stretch out too much!

The yellow had to be cut off grain too as the piece in my stash was rather small lol.

The pattern is a hack of my favourite T-Shirt pattern that I drafted myself.  I copied the front and back pieces onto an old sheet, drew on the lines I wanted to create the stripes, then cut it up.  I added a seam allowance to the cut sides as I cut the final fabric.

The top has little cuffs at the arm holes, a band around the lower edge, a hidden bound neck and little gathers across the front shoulder to allow extra fabric in front for a bust.


Hacked t-shirt pattern - Chiefs supporters top -

I felt like a good supporter at the game, I stood out nice and bright, different from all those in official jerseys but I didn’t mind 🙂

The kids had a blast – we had pizza for dinner in the park then walked up to the stadium.  They got flags, bucket hats and stickers.  Glad the Chiefs won the game.  The kids all want to go to another game!  Will have to make something warmer for next time – it was so cold by the time we left.  Maybe some blankets? ooh – wearable blankets? hats? hoodies?



Hacked t-shirt pattern - Chiefs supporters top -