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Where did my 2017 go?


2017 disappeared quickly for me, although I remember thinking that I’d be stuck there forever.

Most of my 2017 was spent surviving.  Getting kids to school, going to work, cooking, basic cleaning and resting.  I struggled to do anything extra, I thought about lots of projects but barely had the energy to start any of them.  I would fall asleep on the couch in the afternoon.  Feel dizzy, faint and so lethargic.  I had so many doctors appointments.  Every test came back fine, healthy, within normal zones.  The only test that didn’t was the MRI.  I have four spots of demylination in my brain, four spots where the protective tissue around the nerves has gone.   I have numbness in my toes and get numb feelings across my head.  I had a lot of hearty palpitations and anxiety attacks (more than normal).  I spent most of 2017 thinking I had a degenerative disease and that I was going to get worse, that I could never recover, never feel better.  It’s a depressing place to be.

In October 2017 the kids started complaining of similar symptoms to the ones I had, the ones I thought were all connected to my brain issues.  It had to be environmental.  We tested our water.  The pH was low and quite acidic and we had almost twice the recommended (by the World Health Organisation) amount of copper.

We researched Copper Toxicity and I could tick off practically every symptom listed.  We immediately stopped drinking the tap water.  Living in a town where they bottle water to sell and a country that prides itself on being clean and green, we assumed the water was fine, clean and safe.   I had blood tests which confirmed high copper levels.  We started taking vitamins to counter the copper & help remove it.  Copper depletes B & C vitamins and calcium & zinc.  Seven months later and I am only now starting to feel as though my levels are better, if I miss a vitamin, I’m not falling asleep at work!

The anxiety almost disappeared, the heart palpitations stopped, the muscle pain stopped.  The dizziness & spaced out feelings disappeared and the neurologist has discharged me.  The kids don’t complain of stomach pains and focus issues.  We all have dental problems that have risen from the calcium deficiency and I still have the demylination but I feel normal again.  I’m sewing, creating and designing again.  I have the energy to keep going, to fill my days and get things finished!

I will write a more in depth piece on Copper Toxicity, it’s a complex issue and people need to be more aware of it.  We lost so much time and quality of life because of it.  But for now I’m glad to be back and hopefully getting lots of updates sorted here @ Stitch Remedy.