A Garment A Week

A Garment A Week – Week 5 – 05/02/2016

Green knit draped dress - a garment a week - stitchremedy.com

My version of this dress messaged to me last week on my A Garment A Week Facebook page!

A garment a week - week 5 - inspiration dress
It’s a two way stretch knit with a slight slink to it. I think it’d be better in a matte finish knit as the gathers would kinda stick to each other a bit more. But I’m using up fabrics I already have.

The front is two layers, with the under tucked/pleated on each side and the over is gathered on the left shoulder and then pleated up on the right hip creating the sash look. I think the back would have looked good with a similar sash layer but I ran out of fabric lol. The front over piece was cut on the bias as it was because I didn’t quite have enough. Lucky that works well for draping.

I also think the side seams would benefit from being a bit heavier or stiffer maybe a binding over the top? Just to help keep them straight and help support the weight of the front with all the gathers. I had to add extra stitches on the front panel under the top sash to help hold the weight and keep the hem at the front from sagging down.
Or maybe the back needed to be a different structure of panels to sit nicer and help support the front too. My version has the back as one full darted panel.

The gathered fabric running across the dress would also look better, more structured if the side seams were tighter. But I feel happier with it being a little looser around the hips.
I used the clear rubbery mobilon tape around the neckline as it’s stretchy and let the opening still have give. I’m still getting used to using this stuff, even with the teflon machine foot it still grabs a bit and tries to gather. Need more practice.
I think I’d make it slightly different if I were to make it again but not bad for a sample and a new pattern.

Overall a nice, comfy dress, perfect for our next date night 🙂

week  5 green draped dress - a garment a week