Me Made May 2016

mmmay16 logo

I love this idea!  I was doing more scrolling than sewing at the start of May this year and I kept coming across the hashtag – #mmmay16 and after doing some digging I found the source – a fellow Kiwi’s blog – So Zo, What do you know?
The general idea behind Me Made May is a pledge to wear something that you’ve made yourself, every day during May.


So of course I signed up straight away, a few days into May but still more than enough time to be a challenge!  Even though I have quite a few garments that are me made, it’s been hard finding the right type of clothing for the day and weather lol.  I have managed (so far) to wear something I’ve made everyday.  I’m a little slack at putting up the Instagram pics (not a necessity for the pledge), mainly because my phone is old and the camera is terrible so I have to get my DSLR out and that takes up too much time some days.  And because there are some days you just don’t feel like taking photos of yourself!


It is very neat to look through all the pictures of everyone’s handmade clothes on Instagram and Pinterest.  I have created a ‘Me Made May Inspiration’ board on my Pinterest account of all the ones I’m saving for later ideas 🙂




<—- Link to So Zo’s blog (if you want to sign the pledge or bookmark for next year!)