The Blue Face Challenge – Helping find a cure for MND

I’m issuing you all with a challenge –

My friend Nathan is fundraising to find a cure for Motor Neurones Disease (MND) for himself and the many other people who have this horrible disease.  I met Nathan years ago, I celebrated the Millennium New Years with him and his family!  He’s so strong and is fighting this disease with everything he has.  The video is just a small snippet of what he has to deal with everyday.

The lip sync challenge was last year (2015) and the ice bucket challenge was the year before.  The money raised from those challenges is really making big breakthroughs in the research of the disease.

Check out this recent story from The Guardian in the UK – How the Ice Bucket Challenge led to a research breakthrough.


NAthan - blue face challenge -


The challenge for this year is The Blue Face Challenge!  The idea is to paint your face blue for a day, donate NZ$5 and nominate your friends to complete the challenge too.  So easy and it’s really neat to see everyone’s different painting ideas on their Facebook page.

You can complete this challenge from anywhere in the world – There is a bank account for donations from New Zealand but on their Facebook page is a link to donate by credit or debit card!


MND Blue Face Challenge


There’s no ice this year!   Just ‘Paint & Donate’!    You don’t even need blue face paint – I used makeup!  The bright blue is a liquid eye-liner so it was perfect for painting the flowers, the silvery blue is a crème eyeshadow 🙂  Get inventive – stretch your imagination – wear something blue on your face with pride knowing your small donation will add up to help people with MND in a big way.


Sign off from Ruth xx


MND Blue Face Challenge -